Marillion – Holidays In Eden

“Nothing here can hurt you”

Holidays In Eden is a rare instance where an album’s title track is also its weakest. But in this case, it’s not that the namesake track is terrible. It’s just that, where the rest of the album veers between lovely pop and moody storytelling, Holidays In Eden is just polite, straightforward rock that doesn’t play to the band’s strengths. The verses have a nice carefree feel and the bridge adds a bit of edge but, in particular, the chorus always struck me as a bit weak. And, if the interviews on the recent reissue box set are anything to go by, Marillion never seemed to be particularly enamoured with it either. A song they say themselves should have been “wilder” and “better than it was”. Can’t argue with that.

19 thoughts on “Marillion – Holidays In Eden”

      1. I haven’t even listened to that one yet. I guess they’re necessary just to put product on the shelves? My motivation for getting these sets was more the live stuff, I tend to be fairly uninterested in remixes. I still keep listening to the old 2cd remasters rather than these to be honest!

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      2. Yeah I do have all the remasters too so not the end of the world. It was just one of those things where I couldn’t justify buying them at the time but I kinda regret it now. It’s probably daft but i don’t see the point in buying the new ones if I don’t have all of them so it just continues to annoy me!

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      3. Let’s see haha! I’m sure they’ll find a way to make you buy everything again! It’s been good for me cause I’ve got all the albums and a fair few live ones but there’s also tons of stuff I’m missing.

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