Bathory – Sacrifice: 1st Version

“I spread eternal dark on Earth”

Taken from the 1984 compilation album Scandinavian Metal Attack, Sacrifice is the first recorded release from one of metal’s most revered and influential acts: Bathory.

It’s the first of two songs the Swedish band (led by mythic mastermind Quorthon) recorded for the compilation. And compared to the enjoyable trad metal performed by the other four Swedish and Finnish acts on the album, Sacrifice sounds like the next level in extremity. It’s a ballsy and chaotic rager in the style of Motorhead, Venom etc… with cavernous, noisy vocals and a catchy, evil ascending chorus riff. The label were inundated with letters demanding more from Bathory. And rightly so. This is great stuff for fans of the more punky, violent end of the NWOBHM and fans of early, primitive thrash.

But the song would go on to have a second, and even more important moment in history. The early version sounds positively conventional compared to the version that appeared later that same year when Sacrifice was re-recorded for Bathory’s seminal self-titled debut album. By that point the band were delivering all their music with grim, frostbitten harshness that was like nothing before it. The black metal sound was born.

18 thoughts on “Bathory – Sacrifice: 1st Version”

    1. Bathory’s discography just got added to Bandcamp yesterday. Now’s your chance Mr. Snow! Those first four records are fucking great. My favorite is Under the Sign of the Black Mark.

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  1. Sometimes it’s hard to revisit classics because there’s so much new music needing to be heard and considered. This made me stop and take the song in. It’s always cool when someone makes you want something that you didn’t even know you wanted in the moment. Great choice!

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  2. I thought you might be interested in knowing, if you don’t notice it on your own, that if the technology gods are on our side, at around 7am lebrain’s time I should be co-hosting a stream with him

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