Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad

‘Fistful Of Metal/Armed And Dangerous’ 3 x 10″ Vinyl 25th Anniversary Edition

“I’m the madman at the wheel”

This classic rager from Anthrax’s 1984 debut album Fistful Of Metal is still one of their best songs. As well as featuring an early use of the “thrash” term, it’s just a great gear-shifting metal tune: the stomping opening riff breaking out into the speed metal of the verse before hitting the power chord open road of its unforgettable chorus. Best of all, Metal Thrashing Mad has survived all the incarnations of the band with subsequent singers Joey Belladonna and John Bush both recording their own brilliant takes on the tune. But I’ve opted for the original Neil Turbin version here cause his vocals send it pleasingly Manowar-d and I recently bought an awesome vinyl edition of the album.

27 thoughts on “Anthrax – Metal Thrashing Mad”

  1. Pretty cool that they recorded this track at various times with 3 different lead singers! I remember these early Anthrax albums as they got a lot of press here in North America. There was a ton of music back then that I had to keep up on which that year in 1984 with the usual suspects releasing albums(Priest/Maiden/Halen/Hagar and um Krokus) my money could only be stretched so far as 1984 was the year I picked up Deep Purple’s Perfect Strangers album as well which is a classic along with Hanoi Rocks Two Steps….

    I like that photo spread at the top which has Exciter listed. Man,​ that was perhaps my intro to Thrash when I bought Violence and Force. I never heard metal like that before haha

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  2. I was doing a crossword the other day and the clue was something like ‘directional suffix’ – I didn’t get it at the time, but I’m going to go back and try east-Ward thanks to Manowar-d!

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  3. Aw aye. That’s pretty awrite, innit? Never really listened to Anthrax ever (ever). Although I do like the tune that’s on the Last Action Hero soundtrack (one of my favourite ever movies, by the way). That means it’s two out of two. There’s hope for me yet!

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