Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked

“Turn it off, that ain’t my scene”

Turn it off: that was basically my opinion when I first heard it on the radio in 1992, but who knew Def Leppard’s cheesemongous Let’s Get Rocked would prove to be such a grower? It’s three chords’ worth of dumb with cringey lyrics, but after countless listens, live performances, steamin’ singalongs and noticing just how incredibly euphoric that guitar solo is, it would be churlish not to appreciate that this song makes me happy. And surely that was the goal. OK, it’s not Lep’s best song by a mile, it’s not even the best song on its parent album Adrenalize, but I’ve got a real soft spot for it. A rock is definitely not out of the question.

35 thoughts on “Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked”

  1. Duuuude I am with ya. I HATED this song when it was first out. It was “turn off the radio” level hate. Today? I like it. It is cheesy, but a good rocker all the way! No shame. 🤘

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      1. I don’t think there’s much on there that would change your opinion. Better songs and worse songs: definitely softer than Hysteria overall.

        Hearing later Leppard probably makes LGR seem better too… it’s like grindcore compared to some of the stuff on X.

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  2. Good track actually and when this hit on this side of the pond this tune and Remedy were getting a ton of Video play on MuchMusic. Adrenalize had some good stuff on it esp Stand Up but considering Cobain and his posse went headhunting its amazing that Leppard and Jovi survived the initial onslaught while other guy in other bands were asking people if they wanted gravy with there French fries!

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  3. Early 1992. Hearing “Let’s Get Rocked” on the radio the first time.

    My sister: “It’s kind of the same as all their other stuff.”

    Me: “No, it had the string section.”

    My sister: “That was like 2 seconds!”

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  4. I agree, “Let’s Get Rocked” is neither Def Leppard’s best work nor their best song on ‘Adrenalize.’ I still dig it though because it’s a fun song! Now, what bugs me is that they still play this one live over “White Lightning.”

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